Average Promotional Price $45 to $57 with 40 inserts.
The oxyCLONE is a well designed manufactured system, not a home
made bucket or tub. You can't buy the parts for this price.




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  · Ready to go out the box. · Lowest cost complete system.
  · Affordable · Complete with everything you need.
  · Only 1 moving part. · Molded cover eliminates using net pots.
  · Simple to operate. · Provides Maximum Dissolved Oxygen.
  · Simple to clean. · Comes with 2 Sets of inserts (40 pcs.)
  · 20 Full Size Sites · Pays for itself in the first use.
  · Compact small size. · Works with many varieties of cuttings.
  · No Spray Jets. · Hardwood cuttings compliant.
  · No Air Stones. · Can continue to grow by adding nutrients.
  · No High power Pumps. · Year round perpetual garden.
  · Water Stays Cool. · Quality Black Light Proof Materials
  · 90 Day Warranty. · Works in hot temperatures.

The newly designed oxyCLONE 80 site is being manufactured
in the United States from the finest quality ABS materials and will be ready soon.

Nothing Produces Roots Like an oxyCLONE