Cloning Tips

Cloning Tips

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Place your cuttings in the oxyCLONE so their stems are submerged into the water (around 1" deep or as desired, up to 3". Please see Figure 1 for an illustration of this.)

When taking your cuttings, remove extraneous leaves. Some growers also cut the largest leaves in half (Figure 1). This allows the cutting to focus its energy more on the development of roots and less on keeping these older leaves alive. Always remove leaves that would end up below the oxyCERT collar.

While clones can be small or large, try to select cuttings that are approximately six inches in total length.

The healthiest clones come from healthy parent plants grown under T5s, induction lights, or metal halide lamps

Reduce the parent plant’s fertilizer dosage by half, one week before taking cuttings.

Wash hands or use a fresh pair of nitrile gloves. Take cuttings using razor sharp pruners that are clean and sterile.

Please see Figure 2 for an illustration of how the system looks when properly set up and supporting healthy, rooted cuttings.

For additional aeration you can remove the muffler attachment from the Venturi tube, although this will generate additional noise (see Figure 3).